What Is Just Social Post?

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Just Social Post is a localized social media marketing solution that allows multi-location brands, franchisors, agencies, freelancers and small business owners to discover and create content on social media and manage it in one place.

Just Social Post provides users with 100,000 content ideas relevant for local audiences, AI scheduling tool, graphics editor, collaboration platform and more.

What Does Just Social Post Offer?

Content organizer
When you need help creating content, Just Social Post has you covered with more than 100,000 eye-catching visuals with pre-loaded headlines handcrafted by the team of professional graphic designers and copywriters.

The Post Ideas library includes ready-to-go templates across the broad range of categories like Health, Beauty, Art, Restaurants, Marketing etc.

Events Calendar

Here we highlight more than 3,000 post ideas based on the context of the day, such as historical dates, special events, celebs' birthdays, holidays to diversify your content plan.

Graphics Editor

Customize photos or create posts from scratch. No design skills are required! All you have to do is to upload photos of your product, as well as logo, fonts, custom shapes, banners and begin editing. Should you need more information about the Editor, head over to this section in our Help Center.


It is here where the automation starts. Find out how you can achieve it using Time Slots and Autopilot - AI algorithm that predicts the best time and suggests content types for posting, based on the page location, time zone and your followers' activity.

Here you can manage all the posts that you have scheduled and published though either Just Social Post or directly to the social page. With the single view option you can see the same posts made to several social accounts.

Group Your Pages and Collaborate

Do you run social media for several brands or Team Members? Then you'd like to sort the profiles not to make a mess of things. Take advantage of the Workspace feature! With your permission, other people can have access to it.

If you're looking for custom created content for your business branded with your Visual Style that will stand out with the rest of the posts on social media, we can help!

If you have any additional questions or need more help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Help@JustSocialPost.com.

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