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What is the best way to use notes in the Calendar?

Now, you are able to add reminders, events, things to post etc. directly to your calendar.

Have you ever noticed New Note in the drop-down list? If you move your cursor on the Create button, it will appear.

When you press on it, you are given the opportunity to leave a note for that specific day. You can always save, cancel or delete it.

When you are creating your content plan, notes can become very handy. For instance, if you click on Upcoming Events, you may want to post a special holiday or event for your business on Social Media but it's not until next week. With the note tab, you can easily remind yourself of this event.

It's also a useful tool between team members. The person who creates the note has ultimate control of what can be edited or deleted, but both members can leave notes for each other. This is especially helpful when monthly content plans are being created and they are working on it at different times.


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