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How can you add links to a post? How will it look in the feed?

Do you want to lead traffic from your social media directly to your website? It's easy! Just add a link to the post.

When you insert a URL, the website preview is automatically pulled up. It includes the site title, description, and thumbnail image.

You can delete the link preview and add your image, but clicking on the post's visual in the feed won't direct you to the URL destination. Only clicking on the link itself will lead you to the website.

Here are two examples of a link post on Facebook.

Post with the website original preview

When the post is ready paste a hyperlink into the text bar along with the caption. Once you do this, the site preview will auto-populate.

When the post is published, it will look like this in the feed.

Post with the customized visual

When preview auto-populates, delete it and click on the Create Image button.

When you're done with editing, on the posting page you will see the image you have just customized with the URL. Once the post is published, it will look this way in the feed.

The visual won't be clickable unlike in the first case, only the link.

If the preview doesn't populate, check the website settings in the Facebook debugger. In case there is no thumbnail image, it means that it is not developed.

We hope this guide was helpful!

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