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What can I find in the Editor?

Apart from the scheduling tool and template storage, our Graphics Editor is at your service to customize the visuals to your taste. In order to help you understand its characteristics and possibilities, here is a short overview of the Editor dashboard.

On the left to the art board there is a sidebar menu divided into several sections that are as follows:

  1. Ideas. ALL the templates that have been ever added to the Post Ideas Library are placed here, so you might spend hours scrolling down.
  2. Unlike the 'Ideas' section, this one offers you the search box. Typing an appropriate key word will ease your work to find the best one. Please, keep in mind that if you first choose a background and then you pick an idea, the idea will replace the background covering it. But if you choose a background after having picked an idea, it will be fitted into this template.
  3. Objects. For your convenience graphic objects are grouped in different tabs: Banners, Shapes, Stickers, Ribbons, Icons, Frames, Buttons, Speech Bubbles, Lines, Decorations, Emoji, seasonal groups.

  1. Text. Add some text and place it on the image. Once you’ve done it, you are offered other options menu, such as font, color, size change etc.

  1. My Ideas. This section groups pictures that you have saved ever and templates that you have ever either scheduled or published into 'Saved' and 'Recent' tabs accordingly. Having these designs at hand, it will be much easier for you to access, edit and repost any of your previous posts. To know more about repost features, check this article.

  1. Uploads. There is no reason why you can't import your pictures to the platform. You can!



If you have any additional questions or need more help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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