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Adjusting the post's boosting, you may encounter some difficulties. Here are two frequent ones.

You don't have admin rights

A warning saying that you don't have rights on the page means that your Facebook profile is not assigned an Editor or Admin role on the selected business pages. Under the Manage My Boosting mode you will be prompted with the list of such pages.

Propose Others To Boost: In this mode you won't get this message, because you are only suggesting, so it's not mandatory to have admin rights on the page in order to suggest. Though the person who is going to approve the post must have an Editor or Admin role on this page.

Some pages have no preset location

When multiple pages are selected, geo-targeting is set dynamically. It means that the address outlined in the Facebook page settings is uploaded automatically to Just Social Post. If one of the chosen pages doesn't have any address specified, Just Social Post can't upload this data since it doesn't exist originally. In order to fix this, add the address or exclude the page if you don't have enough rights to edit.

In the Propose Others To Boost mode you won't get this error message since the person, who is going to approve the post, will be able to fill out this info.

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